About Me

Hello everyone. I’m Richard, but you knew that already. Welcome to my website. You reached a no judgment zone where different is celebrated. I let you into my world hoping I get to inspire you. This website is intended to become a place where I connect with aspiring style/travel bloggers and interact on a more personal level with my followers.

Presently I live in New York, the best city in the world, most would agree. Getting inspired to create content comes super easy given the iconic NYC legacy. I consider this profession of mine my life’s calling. Creating content feels so organic and natural to me that I can not imagine anything else I would rather do.

Personal style is in my belief extended personality expression. I can not stress enough how important it is to be daring, leave the comfort zone the moment you feel you found one and go out there to explore and grow. Be it your style, choice of career or country you live in.

Speaking of travel it has forever been my biggest love. Great travel photography can take you places without you even leaving your home. To those who are not in position of travel I always wanted to be the eyes to that wonderful foreign country I was privileged to travel to. My photos ideally should offer you the taste and a little preview of all the wonderful places on earth and inspire you to take a trip this summer or winter for that matter.

I leave you with a personal motto of mine. I am a strong believer of ‘if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough’ words by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In other words persevere, be hungry for success, always stay humble but hustle hard. Make this your mantra and great things will follow. Let us uplift each other and sincerely celebrate our successes.

Good Luck fam.