Even considering to bring this city closer to you I am setting myself up for a failure. The synonym for romance, elegance, prestige and haute couture, Paris has been an everlasting inspiration to many. My experience is nothing short of perfection. During my stay, due to the nature of my job, I was staying in the most luxurious hotel with views of Eiffel tower. It is impossible not to fall for this magical city. Some of the most iconic landmarks in the world happen to be couple of blocks away. I dare saying that any photo taken on the streets on Paris is worth a fortune. The only obstacle in taking that perfect photo could potentially be the floods of tourist blocking the views but waking up early in the morning does the trick. You will get to see the place empty and enjoy it for yourself. Street style of Parisians does tell a story of everlasting elegance and can completely change the way you see fashion altogether.